What Tourist can Get in Indigenous Communities?

What places I imagined when I heard “indigenous” were Kalahari in southern Africa, America, and Mongol. Each of them had their own culture so it might become great experience for tourist to visit and learn their way of life. This experience also might expand one’s ability to understand other cultures.

I learned about the Kalahari from textbook of Anthropology class. On Christmas, people who lived in Kalahari shared one large ox meal as an annual goodwill gesture. It looked good custom to make the relationship better in community. However, among Kalahari tribe, it was arrogant behavior so they made fun of the one who would prepare the Christmas meal. They usually didn’t treat outsiders in that way but if you felt they teased you, it would be a signal that they treated you as their member. If you didn’t know the real meaning of this custom, you might feel uncomfortable. To share a large meal with everyone had different meaning depend on culture. For example, in Japan, to share meal to others was a good behavior to make a good relationship. This difference between two cultural groups was a good example of the conflict of native realism.

Native American were indigenous group of people in America. I watched the video about their life last year. Before I watched, I imagine they were still living a life in a traditional way. However some of them departed their land and adapted to modern American. I thought it might be assimilation. Their culture were prevailing in American society used as a mascot character of sport team, movie and so on. Thanks to this, we could know them. On the other hand, they got offended because their important culture were sometimes unrespectfully.

Finally, I imagined Mongolian. They were living in large area faced to China. I watched the documentary program about their life. They moved the land along with the season so their house was easy to build. For their food, they were living with domestic animals. Their life was based on hunting and gathering culture. I imagined they might don’t use electricity and any electronical equipment. I was interested in how they communicate with other families. Tourist might be experience the original life which was similar to the one their ancestor running. The life with Mongolian would make people forget the busy life in urban city and correct their circadian rhythm.


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