Nomadic lifestyle with Mongolians

If I can, I want to visit Orkhon Valley in the central part of MongolOrkhon Valley. The valley was inhabited by four indigenous tribes, the Huns, the Uyghurs, the Kidans and at last by the Mongolian people. What do you image when you heard the word “Mongol”? Many would huge plane field and Nomadic lifestyle.

Surprisingly, around 400 thousand people traveled to Mongol in 2015. In 2016, international conference was also hold in Ulaanbaatar, capitol of Mongol, by the cooperation with Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the UN World Tourism Organization. From last few years, Mongol is paid attention from tourism industry around the world.

Why so many tourists want to visit there? They might want to experience Nomadic lifestyle: moved different pastures along with the change of season, stayed in ger, look after different kinds of animals in a whole day. Their life style is harmonized with season and filled with respect for the nature. Back then, everybody was Nomadic.

Every family lives in ger; portable and prefabricate house assembled by wood and felt. They rebuilt their house many times in a year so tourist could learn the way to build. All doors are facing South to intake sunlight whole a day. Hans tribe are living with nature. Inside of the house are not divided by wall but each family member has their own space. Left space beside the door is father’s space. When tourist enter house, first they have to go around from left side because father is a reader in the family. Tourist also could learn tacit rule among family members during their home stay.

In Nomadic lifestyle, people don’t have enough time to eat with sitting and enjoying talk with other family members. Their food is easy to make people full in a short time and can categorize into two colors, red such as meat or white which include milk, dairy goods, and food made of whea. They take great care of food so they eat blood and organs. That’s why they can intake necessary nutritions without vegetables. Nomadic life is based on self-sufficiency. To gain food and other materials for their clothes and house, they are looking after their animals in a whole day. Horse are useful tool to move their cattle. They have enormous knowledge about how to raise and train horses so tourist could learn how to ride and communicate with horse.




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