Hello New Nomadic World by Authors

In the first news, the author is explaining about that Russian industrial revolution affect the life of Nomadic people. Russian government select the role to govern indigenous religion without understanding their culture. The role is only profitable for Rosean government so Mongolian are frustrated them. They are asking fair and good role for not only people but also their nature.

The author Mark Cherrington is a magazine editor and publication specialist working at nonprofit organization for 25 years. He published several books about environment and social issues. His writing is appeared in many famous magazines such as Discover, Times, Audubon and Vogue. Earthwatch is reputable institution which he works with for 18 years. They offer the chance for citizen and students to join the scientific field research as volunteer. He is one of the scientist and educator in this institution. He also takes part in Cultural Survival at the beginning of 2016 as a stuff. It is organization which works to protect indigenous people’s right by many approaches such as radio, community media and bazaar. This article is published by this organization on September 2006. The author might be addressing especially people who from industrial capitalist, because the general propose of the publisher is to ensure the right of indigenous people toward government which role the religion.

Cherrington, M. (September 2006). Culture on the line. Cultural Survival Quality Magazine. Retrievedfrom https://www.culturalsurvival.org/publications/cultural-survival-quarterly/culture-line


This article is about 13 years old Mongolian girl who will enter new documentary movie. Her name is Aisholphan Nurgaiv. She is a member of nomadic Kazakh minority on northwestern Mongolia. She steps into Eagle-hunting tradition which typically been run by men. She also enters country’s Golden Eagle Festival and competes with man who are national level. The author take an interview to the director and write down in this article.

Andrew Lapin is a film critic and freelance writer. His film review and articles are appeared in many major publishers such as NPR, Vulture and the Washington Post. He also conducts filmmaker interview for National Geographic Society which is famous nonprofit organization offering scientific, educational and environmental activity since 1888 to explore and protect the planet. This filmmaker interview article is published on August 4, 2016. He is addressing general audience who is interested in this movie. The information in this article is based on actual interview so it is reliable. There is no subjective point of view because Lahine mainly write down what the film director answered in his interview.

Laphin, A. (2016, August 4). Teenage Eagle Hunter Is Mongolian’s New Movie Star. National Geographic. Retrieved from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/08/teenage-eagle-huntress-movie-trailer-director-interview/


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