Visual Information about Nomads

This is my forth blog since I started to search about Mongolian.This time I could lean more deeply by watching two video that shows their tourism and festival.

One of the video is about the tourism in Mongolian Nomadic life. The video introduces what tourism are offered to visitors such as house and food. It also includes interview for both visitors and Mongolian people who host visitors.

The title is Mongolia Tourism & Vacations 2016. It was published on January 26, 2016 by World Travel Guide. It is travel channel on You Tube which is introducing tourism around the world with video. This video which I watched included many information about the way of Mongolian Nomadic life. It entertains and make people want to visit there with beautiful scenery and the interview for visitors. The license is officially proved in YouTube so the video has credibility.

World Travel Channel. (2016, January 26). Mongolia Tourism & Vacations 2016. Retrieved from


The other one is part of lecture by Alison Wright. The title is NG Livel: Wild Tales with Mongolian Nomads. She introduces what she learns from her actual experience to stay in Mongolian Nomadic region. In this video, she also explains how Mongolian people are misunderstood and tries to correct it by showing her story. The video is released on May 2, 2013 so I can say it is relatively up-to date. It was uploaded on the home page of National Geographic Society which is famous nonprofit organization offering scientific, educational and environmental activity since 1888 to explore and protect the planet. The purpose of this video is for education and information. The presenter, Alison Wright is a photographer who travel large number of regions around the world for editorial, commercial and non-profit organization. Her sense of passion and purpose was estimated and she got a 2013 National Geographic Traveler of the Year. She has an experience to stay with Mongolian Nomads for two years so she has a plenty of knowledge and credibility because this information is based on facts.

National Geographic Society. (2013, May 2.) NG Livel: Wild Tales with Mongolian Nomads. Retrieved from


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