What I Learned from Mongolian People

The life of Mongolian was based on season. They moved place to place with all of their property such as house, livestock, horse and things like that. This was what I knew before I began conducting online research about Mongolian people.


When I reviewed all of my date I had collected, I found all of them were related to Nomadic life. One single story came into my mind: their life was far from modernization. They might not use electronic equipment such as cellphone, TV, and other home appliances.


However, this was totally different form the reality. In recently, Modernization was gradually expanding around Mongol. Even in countryside, solar panels and television antenna were set up to the portable house, the name is gel. Mongolian people enjoyed watching TV program, using microwave and electronic kettles with using solar power. Their way of transportation also changed from horses to bike and car. These were necessary for people to go remote super market or school. Cellphone was also used by many Nomadic people. The system of fixed line was still undeveloped in countryside, so cellphone was more useful for people. These examples of modernization were strongly related to the wave of tourism. Surprisingly, around 400 thousand people traveled to Mongol in 2015. International conference for tourism was also hold in capitol of Mongol in 2016. Tourists visited Mongol to experience Nomadic life. The government engaged on offering the financial aids and material resources such as electronic appliances to prepare the house for tourists. If I said tourists negatively affected traditional way of Nomadic life, it would be ethnocentrism. When I understood this modernization from Mongolian perspective (it would be critical cultural relativism), I could confirm more or less their life became easy and helped by modernization

My research went through the ethnographic research cycle: selected one indigenous group, collected date about it, analyzed them, and wrote an ethnography (In this case it was blog post).  My knowledge about Mongolian group of people and their Nomadic way of life expanded my understanding of others who practiced different subsistence strategies such as hunting and gathering culture, horticulture and so on.

I leaned many digital strategies through this project. One is Word Press. It would be useful in another many situation, both personal diary and official project. I want to continue using this internet site.


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